Thoughts on Intellectual Property

3D printing is a rapidly growing industry and is expected to be worth billions within the next several years. 3D printing is disrupting various industries by cutting out the middlemen and providing people with direct access to things they need. For example, just last year a college student 3D-printed his own Invisalign braces, saving him thousands of dollars. Unfortunately with this new technology, consumers can access 3D files online without permission from the original creator to print 3D objects at home and even sell them for profit. The need to protect 3D IP (Intellectual Property) is now more important than ever.

Regardless of whether a 3D file is copyrighted or not, it is very easy to find illegally uploaded files and download them for printing. In terms of law, 3D printing is still in the gray area and regulation is still being worked out. In this article, two undercover artists scanned and printed an artifact from a museum and they have not been charged with a crime yet, reportedly. President Bill Clinton signed off on the DCMA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) in 1998 to help with copyright infringement on the Internet; however, companies with patents and trademarks should still use technological protection methods so that the DCMA can be enforced.

This is where D3CRYPT3D’s services are the solution to this problem. Without proof, it is quite difficult for creators to prove ownership. D3CRYPT3D stamps the 3D file with a calling card so that the file is protected from unauthorized use. This way, artists can keep their files safe while simultaneously collaborating with people.

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  1. Images are intellectual property . This has monetary value, especially if you are a photographer; taking them without permission if you are not allowed to do so is plainly theft. Seems that I need to re upload most of my photos. Any thoughts on the no-right click?

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