How it Works

Next-Gen Security

  • Restrict access to only those you trust.
  • Real-time protection against piracy & vulnerable third-party packages.
  • Sophisticated Multilayer Encryption (utilizing Rijndael algorithms) allows your file type to remain the same, able to be opened in its native application, even in an encrypted state.

Asset Tracking and Management

  • Embedded tracking points securely monitor and report real-time metrics about the movement and status of your assets.
  • Enter “Ghostmode” to monitor who opens your files, and gain insight to the frequency and location of their access.
  • Easily sniff out fraud to track illegal distribution rings.
  • Remotely enable “self-destruct” mode for creations that have been compromised.

The D3crypt3d Calling Card

  • Communicate file ownership and contact information for streamlined attribution and copyright negotiations.
  • Directly link to online marketplaces for legal distribution of assets to potential customers.
  • Quickly communicate with colleagues for version control and milestone critiques in large creative teams.