Getting Started


Installing D3CRYPT3D is as easy as downloading the app and installing it on your computer. It doesn’t require any configuration or maintenance. The software automatically checks for updates each time you run it, ensuring you always have the latest version.


Once you have installed the software, register using a valid email address and a strong password. This is important, as it will link you directly to your files. You are now ready to begin encrypting and tracking your assets!

Encrypt & Track

Drag. Drop. Click. Protecting your files is as simple as that. Find your 3D object, drag and drop it into the D3CRYPT3D application and click the encrypt button. You can even drag entire folders of files and D3CRYPT3D knows to only use the 3D files in the folder. Once you have encrypted your file, tracking and protection are automatically enabled.



Need more information?

Download our PDF guide to get the most out of D3CRYPT3D. If you still have questions, hop on the forums or email us directly at