As We Get Ready To Raise Capital, I Learned These Things Through PBC

The lady entrepreneurs of PBC David Brown and Chris Moody answer pressing questions about investing in startups David Mandell and Rockin’ The Pitch My greatest challenge was how to explain such a complex technology in a captivating way. If it weren’t for our mentor Mike Nichols helping me restructure my entire pitch in 30 minutes, I would’ve put everyone to … Read More

Atlanta Startups Partner To Increase 3D Printing Education in Classrooms

D3CRYPT3D is proud to announce a new partnership with MyStemKits, an Atlanta-based education tech company! Our 3D asset protection, management, and security platform coupled with MyStemKit’s content library for educators will open new doors. Schools that have a 3D printer but no content will be able to tailor their curriculum using MyStemKit’s 3D library. In addition, D3CRYPT3D will be transitioning into … Read More

Buying Guns is Easy – and Cheap – on the Dark Web

While 3D printing presents promise and opportunity for saving lives, it presents danger and peril when placed in the wrong hands. We all know about the mysterious dark web; the place to go for anything “above the law.” A prime example is Silk Road; the infamous site for buying illegal drugs with cryptocurrencies that was busted by the FBI a … Read More

3D printing and IP: It’s not just child’s play

The continued emergence of the 3D printing revolution presents more intellectual property issues, now in the world of toys. Toys R Us recently partnered with XYZprinting and Hasbro filed a patent for a 3D scanner which allows children to scan their favorite toys and output the scan to the printer. Toys R Us and Hasbro understand the ramifications of 3D … Read More

3D Encryption Trump Russia Tie

  D3CRYPT3D Revolutionizes The Way 3D Users Share and Collaborate And Invite To Beta Launch Of Their New Product ATLANTA – April 1st, 2017 – D3CRYPT3D ( launches into public beta today. D3CRYPT3D is a cloud-based platform that enables users to share and collaborate on their 3D files securely. Users simply download and install the program, drag and drop their … Read More