Mr. Smith Hackers

On Monday, hackers called “Mr. Smith” released more stolen files from HBO to the Internet and demanded millions of dollars to stop the leaks. They stole scripts, sensitive documents, and emails. There needs to be protection for these digital assets.

The entertainment industry is a big player as the world begins to adopt the usage of 3D assets in all industries. Seeing how the HBO hacker stole information in the 2D space, imagine what they could do with all of the entertainment studios’ 3D assets.

D3CRYPT3D is working hard to develop a way to secure 3D assets. Last week, Polyport Beta v 2.1 was released with a completely redesigned user interface and new features. Users can monitor and report real-time metrics about the movement and status of their assets.

In addition, users can easily sniff out fraud to track illegal distribution rings and if it comes down to it, can remotely self-destruct compromised creations.

Polyport’s new website design is also live, and if you would like to download the new beta, click here.


*Header image by Cointelegraph

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