Atlanta Startups Partner To Increase 3D Printing Education in Classrooms

D3CRYPT3D is proud to announce a new partnership with MyStemKits, an Atlanta-based education tech company! Our 3D asset protection, management, and security platform coupled with MyStemKit’s content library for educators will open new doors. Schools that have a 3D printer but no content will be able to tailor their curriculum using MyStemKit’s 3D library.

In addition, D3CRYPT3D will be transitioning into PolyPort, with various new features and UI. Anyone who uses PolyPort will have access to MyStemKit’s library.

Laron Walker, CEO of MyStemKits said, “This partnership unlocks the world’s largest digital asset library of STEM focused design files to educators in a secure manner.” The partnerships provides educators and students with the quickest, hands-on approach to learning while ensuring a secure ecosystem.

MyStemKits initially focused solely on delivering designs and curriculum through a first-class platform, but now they are “looking to offer the same support to technical education, engineering, and other teachers focused on design center programs.”

“What better way to further our mission of safeguarding makers’ intellectual property than by investing in people who will create our future,” said Chloe Kettell, CEO of D3CRYPT3D. “We couldn’t have asked for a better partner to work with in this endeavor.”

MyStemKits is expanding beyond “ready-to-print” and this partnership will allow students and educators to create their own designs to 3D print.

About MyStemKits

Founded in 2015, MyStemKits was created by a diverse group of educators, artists, and technologists leading the charge in the development of innovative 3D printing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) manipulatives for K-12 classrooms. Each kit comes backed with vetted, interdisciplinary curriculum written by teachers and content experts.

MyStemKits’ mission is to create an affordable and innovative way to introduce young minds to math and science through hands-on experience.

MyStemKits offers 150+ 3D printable manipulatives and 200+ lesson plans that are accessible through their scalable cloud platform. They collaborate with educators, school districts, and partners such as Florida State University, Konica Minolta, Dremel, Edutech, and 3DPrinterOS.

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