3D printing and IP: It’s not just child’s play

The continued emergence of the 3D printing revolution presents more intellectual property issues, now in the world of toys.

Toys R Us recently partnered with XYZprinting and Hasbro filed a patent for a 3D scanner which allows children to scan their favorite toys and output the scan to the printer.

Toys R Us and Hasbro understand the ramifications of 3D printing with respect to IP infringement- the barrier to entry to create a physical copy of their toys is minimal- and need to take proper security measures if they want to license these designs for manufacturing as another revenue stream.

Registering toy designs with the USPTO is one obvious step to take, however enforcing infringement cases is time consuming and costly.

This is why we created D3CRYPT3D; to protect all 3D asset creators, from toy companies to fashion designers, automotive enterprises to entertainment studios. We are diligently working with several companies in developing the most effective solution to protect their IP.

Let us know how we can help your company protect your 3D designs!

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