Marines 3D Print Nibbler Drone

As a former Marine, I like to keep abreast of the new developments presented in the community. When I read about the Marines using 3D printing technology to make Nibbler drones to offer surveillance and carry supplies, I thought “it’s about time” and was thrilled!

3D printing fits in with the Marines’ “adapt and overcome” mentality.

While this new 3D printing development is super exciting for the Marines, the potential future innovations are even more intriguing.

“Imagine being in a forward deployed environment, and just like Amazon, you can ‘order’ the weapons and equipment you need for the next day’s mission from an entire catalog of possible solutions,” Capt. Chris J. Wood said. “These solutions can all be upgraded literally overnight, in order to integrate new components or adapt to new requirements. On a very small scale, Nibbler shows us that this is possible right now with the group 1 UAS family of systems.”

Being a former Marine, we had to carry a plethora of supplies with us, taking up precious time and energy. 3D printing now offers a valuable solution. Rather than having to cart supplies to a location, Marines can take the 3D printer with them and make these supplies on demand.

While this new development presents major benefits to the Marines, it also presents new security challenges. 3D printing these supplies requires the original 3D file. These digital files are much more susceptible to cyberattacks on design and process integrity.

This is one of the main reasons we created D3CRYPT3D. As 3D printing disrupts the entire supply chain and the price of these devices fall, IP’s and trade secrets are being threatened, which ends up punishing creatives and their development of exceptional products.

Our team is diligently working every day to present creators with a solution to protect their hours, days, and years of hard work. Let us know how we can help you!

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