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D3CRYPT3D Revolutionizes The Way 3D Users Share and Collaborate

And Invite To Beta Launch Of Their New Product

ATLANTA – April 1st, 2017 – D3CRYPT3D (www.d3crypt3d.net) launches into public beta today.


is a cloud-based platform that enables users to share and collaborate on their 3D files securely. Users simply download and install the program, drag and drop their 3D files into the platform and share. Users can see who is sharing their files, grant read-only, edit, or full permissions, and restrict access in real-time. Our calling card feature promotes creators’ work by displaying their contact information when unauthorized parties attempt to gain access to their file. Users can also convert their OBJ files to STL for printing. The D3CRYPT3D platform is free to download from the website.


mission is to empower 3D users and safeguard their 3D assets and intellectual property. Co-founder and president Chloe said,


“Given the paradigm shift in business towards a more digitally oriented marketplace, 3D files and assets are an integral part of manufacturing, entertainment and ideation. Currently, there is no available software that protects 3D assets in the public domain. That is a huge problem just begging to be solved!”


Copyright and IP law has become a critical tool due to the advent of 3D. Last week Star Athletica v. Varsity Brands made it all the way to the Supreme Court due to copyright infringement of their cheerleading uniforms. D3CRYPT3D’s platform strives to change the culture around 3D and intellectual property. Being able to track the file from it’s inception provides creators with more legal ground in these types of cases.


“The work we do in 3D encompasses so much,” said Dosa Kim, CEO of D3CRYPT3D. “From physics to design to anatomy to machines, it’s an art form that demands a lot from us, and it requires so much patience and experience to become exceptional at this sort of thing. 3D deserves much more credit than it is currently given. People should know who made the content. With the rise of 3D printing, it’s more important to get recognition as an artist and not just be a download or a file reduced to a simple copy and paste function.”



is the company behind your favorite software for protecting 3D assets. D3CRYPT3D launched its Beta v1 in October 2016 and won the SXSW Innovation Award for Privacy & Security in Austin in March 2017. D3CRYPT3D will also be exhibiting at SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles in July 2017.


For more information about D3CRYPT3D, visit www.d3crypt3d.net,

Dosa Kim, co-founder, CEO, 404.434.6083 or kim@d3crypt3d.net

Chloe Kettell, co-founder, President, 240.506.5916 or kettell@d3crypt3d.net



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