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Hi, Dosa here with D3crypt3d.  Our team has been hard at work trying to figure out ways to protect 3d assets. Coming with a background of Graphic Design and 3d, I’ve seen and witnessed legal ramifications of stealing another persons content and work. Although there are many things in place to protect drawings and works of art, there doesn’t seem to be anything in place that helps out 3d artists.  The music industry has a lot of avenues and legal documentation, that ensures that its stability as a career and a community that is regulated in the constrains of law.

Working in the entertainment industry for a brief time, I saw a lot of models that were just being ripped.  Until the rise of 3d Printing, the amount of time and dedication I have put into learning 3d was not only enjoyed by just other 3d artists but was now to be admired by many people with 3d printing. From Games to Architectural Renderings to Mechanical Engineering, 3d is a very big facet in the modern age.  3d also contains a lot more information than what a 2d picture can do.  I do believe that there should be some sort of protection for all of this data.  Its is a craft and needs proper representation.

My partners, Chloe Kettell and Partha Ray, and I set out to try to make a program that ensured delivery of 3d assets to the correct client and that you could “see” where your file went and still had some control over it.  We made D3Crypt3D.  We have a ton of people that are naysayers and how we are out to get information or that something like this will never work, but if big brother is watching us, why can’t we watch our own stuff.  It really does give artists and owners of 3d assets some control. Currently we are working on different file types and more controls to the end user on what happens to your asset.

I’ll be posting up a blog regularly here.  I am by no means an authority but will share any knowledge and any changes we have at D3CRYTP3D.  We have started many discussions and are be reviewed by various entities.  We plan on finding a solution to this problem and start placing the power back in the hands of the original owners of the content.  Hit us up here and we will try our best to answer any questions you might have.


We plan on being at Siggraph 2017 Los Angeles! Hopefully our program is up to speed and we help out an industry i feel very strongly for.

Dosa Kim




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