D3CRYPT3D new Calling Card feature released!

Our team is excited to announce the release of our new calling card feature! Finally once an asset is encrypted, it will leave contact information of the owner/author of the .OBJ made. The creator can decide what contact information they want to provide and edit their calling card at any time. When an unauthorized user attempts to open a D3CRYPT3D model, this calling card will display the creator’s contact information, prompting them to contact and request the encryption code from the owner of the asset. Our new calling card feature empowers the creator by promoting their work and giving them back control over their intellectual property.



We made a video demonstrating our Calling Card Feature on YouTube. We currently working on D3CRYPT3D for cross platforms and for our main release early 2017. Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions for our program. Looking forward to making this an everyday thing.

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